Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoot with Jina 2/20

I already posted these pictures to my Facebook page, but I should start mentioning my shoots on my blog as well. I had the fortunate opportunity to work with a new model, Jina D (MM #1679133). I borrowed some guns from a friend and set up the shoot down at the Inscape Arts building. Like every single shoot I do, after I go through the pictures I get ideas for shots I may have missed. But I've done three shoots now in that same space so I think it's time to explore other parts of that building.

FYI, Inscape Arts used to be the Immigration building. There's a lot of history there as well as some dirty spaces -- which adds a lot of character in a shoot. After they finish renovations, there is a plan to make this building a historic landmark.

Check out the photostream for more.

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