Monday, June 11, 2012

Finally, an unified library for iPhoto and Aperture

I've had many discussions on iPhoto vs. Aperture and the pains of migrating between the two different apps. Finally with the latest release of Aperture and iPhoto, that's no longer an issue.
New unified photo library for both iPhoto (v 9.3 or later) and Aperture; no import/export required; Faces, Places, slideshows, albums and web sharing work across both applications.
Admittedly, I haven't been the biggest fan of iPhoto. I never liked the library management and the extra files it generates. Aperture was more efficient in how it handled versions and any other changes in metadata and XML. I am assuming that means that iPhoto is going to be more Aperture-like rather than the other way around. Now Aperture users will be able to play with some of the more consumer friendly features that don't always make their way to Aperture.

Currently, the updates are only showing up for iPhoto and Aperture in the Mac App Store. I am hoping that the update will show up soon via OS X's Software Update since I didn't purchase Aperture through the App Store.