Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tags vs. Keywords

Basically keywords will get exported out and tags don't. Tags can be used for search in the same way that keywords do... except that Apple doesn't give tags functionality nearly as much love as the keyword functionality. I find that I use tags more often than keywords as a supplement to my cataloging since I often don't want those values to get exported out. I'll throw stuff like event name or if I'm shooting people I'll put tags with their names in it. It's not a big deal to some to export out the names with their files; I like to maintain a little privacy.

To create tags:

  1. bring up the Metadata inspector (^D).
  2. Edit the view (^I).
  3. Click on the Other tab at the bottom.
  4. Then enter your new Custom Metadata
  5. Click on the checkbox next to your new field to add it to the view.

Now you should be able to add custom tags to your heart's content.

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